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US-Only CD "Slumber"

Hey guys~

It's been really dead in here for quite some time now since LiN CLOVER 'suspended' activities. ^^;

Anyways, I was doing a search on a whim, and it looks like you can buy "Slumber" in hard copy through Anime Nation and JBOX!

This was a joint venture between LiN CLOVER and japanfiles.com, only available at the US venues they played at, and downloadable at japanfiles.com. It contains the eight tracs from their second mini-album "strain gauge", as well as their 3-track EP "nut". For those of you who want to hear more of LiN CLOVER's music, or if you just want to get your hands on this collector's item, head over and buy it today! I don't really know if the band still receives revenue from these sales, but I would think they would, which would be yet another reason to buy. Support LiN CLOVER, tell them they still have fans out there and we want to see them come back! :)

I still do believe that they will come back together, in one form or another...especially after reading this post on their Myspace. ;) Sounds kind of promising, no?

Anyways, I don't really know why I waited so long to post about it here, but this past January, I was actually crazylucky enough to be able to hop on a plane to Tokyo, chill for about 4 days, catch LiN CLOVER's last live at Shinjuku MARZ, then fly back to Canada the next day. Insane, yes, but when you really love something...

Anyways, I posted a kind of fangirlish, semi-coherent review after I got home from the show on my personal journal here.

And while I didn't take any pictures during the show, I did take these three:

It was a truly unforgettable experience and one I wish I could have shared with all of you. ^^ LiN CLOVER are amazing live; they have such powerful stage presence, and in terms of coordination, they are very "tight". There's also something magical and indescribable that they bring with them that just carries everyone along on a wave of elated surrealism. I loved every minute of it. If and when LiN CLOVER reunites, I hope all of you can have the same kind of experience I was extremely lucky to have. ^^

Well anyways, hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to see how many people are out there who still adore LiN CLOVER as much as I do. :)
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