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Hello all! This is a bit late in coming, but better late than never, yes? ^ ~

As my first post to the community, I bring you some videos I took at PMX: 3 videos of the panel, and 1 video of the concert with their new, unrecorded song!

Please enjoy~ <3
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Yay! They all seemed so happy as usual and I really liked the new song. ^_^ Thank you so much for uploading these! <3
I'm glad you enjoyed! <3

Whenever I saw them throughout the weekend they seemed very happy and seemed to really love how many people came out to see them. Throughout the concert Ren kept smiling and after a few songs you could tell he really got into it and was bouncing a bit. x3
P.S. I love your icon!
That's so awesome. ^_^ I've gotta go see them again next time if they come a bit closer to me...I rather impulsively decided to go to the Seattle show (all the way from Ontario, Canada, which is just North of NY...I'm lucky I managed it. xD) and it was the best decision of my life. x3 I got to give them presents and talk to them a bit in Japanese...Ren even sat right next to me at the guest reception dinner! *_* *still not over it*

Btw, did Ren get a chance to express his ecchi-ness? XD At the Sakuracon panel, someone asked what they liked to do in their free time, and Ren mentioned watching "adult videos". XDD Everyone burst out laughing and he's sitting there with this shit-eating grin on his was great.

Glad you like the icon. ^^ A friend made it for me, some time ago.
Haha, yay for traveling long distances! I'm from Indiana. I was SO SAD I missed the Sakuracon live. ;__; I didn't know it happened and when I learned, I was heartbroken. So when I heard they were doing another one I HAD to go. @__@ I'm definitely going to be attending their next US live, wherever it may be. I hope one day to attend a Japanese live of their's too. ^0^ I'm so glad I went to this one though; so many incredible things happened by a fate chance that I'm still not sure I believe it all happened.

Haha, no he didn't. XD I remember from GacktJOB days that Gackt had bought him porn DVDs, and he was so upset they wouldn't work on his DVD player because he had bought them in LA. Ren's ecchi-ness makes me laugh to no end. At the PMX panel the questions were all really deep and thought-out; I was really impressed with what people came up with!

OH. OH. BUT. OMG. The Hilton at the LAX airport is right next to, I kid you not, a PORN STORE. It's about 1 building apart and you pass right by it walking to the Denny's that's on the other side of it. XD My friends and I kept joking we should point out to Ren that it was there.
I remember that story. xD How it really went was that Gackt was buying some movies in LA and Ren was along with him, so REn kept asking Gackt to get him porn dvds, and Gackt just said yes without looking. When they got back, none of Gackt's movies worked, but all of Ren's porn did because it was region-free. xD

...a porn store? XD That's hilarious. I'm convinced that Ren is the one choosing the places they play...the convention centre in Seattle was right across the street from... the Cheesecake Factory. XD
Ahaha, yes, I remember now. I hadn't heard that story in so long, I had forgotten how it went! Thanks. ^0^

Yes. XDD We kept joking with the manager-type-guy of another band that was there that he should take their bassist to the porn store. I think he ended up doing it, by the end of the weekend...
I've never been to the Cheesecake Factory. o_o I should go. That's so funny though that it was right across the street. XD
It was yummy. xD I got this garlic pasta-type thing...SO good. And their menu was like 698463246 pages long. XD Of course, the cheesecake was amazing, too.
Awesome! Happy to see them! Thanks so much for uploading. ^_^
Not a problem! Glad you enjoyed them. :3