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The Nya-Nyan Society

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Hello! This is a community dedicated to Ren, currently bassist for the Japanese indies band LiN CLOVER. Ren is the focus here, but anything related to LiN CLOVER is also welcome. Come here to share photos, news, or anything related to Ren or LiN CLOVER, fanfiction and art, etc., or just have fun and socialize! The moderators are nascent_dreams and sariochan, and we are here to make sure everyone has a great time. As such, there are a few simple rules we ask that you follow:

1) Please try to keep posts on topic. Use your discretion here. Posts about your new fansite are probably okay, but talking about how you named your dog after Ren probably isn't.

2) Please refrain from discussing the past bands of Ren or other members of LiN CLOVER as much as possible. Ren and LiN CLOVER are trying to build their identity and reptuation as a band, so we should respect that and not make too much of an association with other artists.

3) Please play nicely. We ask that you refrain from flaming or offending others. This also includes the use of inappropriate language, as this is an all-ages community.

4) This is more of a suggestion, rather than a rule, but it would be nice if upon joining, you posted a short self-introduction. We all want to know who our fellow fans are! ^_^

5) Of course, have fun! ^_^

-Nej & Sariochan

Official LiN CLOVER Myspace

Japanfiles.com - LiN CLOVER mp3s

Kumanekoken.com - UnderClover Translations

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