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LiN CLOVER and The Colt - El Camino High School

Hey everyone! It's been a long time I know. Sorry about that.

I have a cool article for you guys to read. Please go check it out HERE!

Many thanks go to for the link. ^_^v

*____* just too cool. It makes me wish I were in high school again! Okay maybe not so much. *is old* However I have to say that I'm giddy for those students. What an awesome contest! *makes grabby hands* I would love to see what these students come up with. As an artist, I'm always fascinated with what a few words or guidelines will create. People are extremely creative.

I feel silly... since April I've been thinking of what I imagine LiN to be like myself... especially after coming home and looking at the post card set they released years ago. The bright orange post card with the old LiN CLOVER logo (see icon) and a little girl with a big huge gun...

I've rambled! Anyway, please enjoy the article and cheer for those students, LiN CLOVER and japanfiles. ^_^
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