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Big news!

2007/06/09 ロックの日 Drumメンバー募集

私共LiN CLOVERは、今後の展開を見据えてこの度、正式なるドラマーを募集したいと思い立ちました。
まずはお気軽に、 info@linclover-web.net までご連絡下さい

2007/06/09 "Rock Day"(1) Looking for Drummer

We in LIN CLOVER are looking to expand in the near future, so we have decide to look for an official drummer. Anyone who is confident in drum arrangement, about to break onto the stage, or just interested, start by dropping us a line at info@linclover-web.net. We'll be waiting.

(1)I'm not really sure what this refers to...maybe some event they're doing?


So it looks like LiN are looking to add to their ranks! I always thought that if they wanted to bring in a full-time drummer, they would have picked Yucky, who's been their favourite sessional until now, but..I guess they're going to look for someone else instead. This shouuld be pretty interesting. ^__^ I can't wait to see how the future of LiN CLOVER unfolds!

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